The Corrs - still in our hearts

The Corrs – still in our hearts

Do you miss Andrea Corr and her sisters Sharon and Caroline and her brother Jim? So do we! The Irish pop family group known as The Corrs had their unique music style, modern pop mixed with a relaxing Irish sound. It felt modern and different! Many of their hits were Number One hits in lots of countries. We loved that they were also charity workers! They had 5 albums, Forgiven, Not Forgotten (1995), Talk on Corners (1997), In Blue (2000) and Borrowed Heaven (2004) and Home (2005). After their huge common success, Andrea tried doing a solo but it wasn’t very successful. We would love to see them united in the future. We think there is still space for them in the pop industry!

The Corrs Are Back

The Corrs Are Back

The Corrs were charity workers for Prince

Did you know that they were charity workers as well? The group played at a 2004 charity concert for The Prince’s Trust, a UK-based charity that provides help, training, financial, and practical support to UK citizens aged between 14 and 30. They performed with The Buggles, Will Young, Blue, Avril Lavigne, Lenny Kravitz, Busted, Anastacia, Nelly Furtado, Sugababes and Natasha Bedingfield and raised more than £1 million. Wikipedia: The band’s history and discography. They are wellknown for instrumental folk music as well as typical pop music that is still is popular on the radio.



The family band – United and back with a new album

We are happy to announce that The Corrs are back! We found them accidentally when we watched Spanish TV, in a show named ¡Feliz 2016! You can read about this gala event here: They performed at a New Year’s Eve Gala on TVE. Yeah, and it wasn’t just the one time! They returned in 2015, with a gig at Hyde Park for BBC Radio 2 Live. The band released their sixth album, ‘White Light’, in 2015. Their new music video “Bring on the Night” is the first one since 2007.

The Corrs headed out on a tour of a UK arenas in January 2016, and an appearance at Live At The Marquee and Nocture Live at Blenheim Place in June, three Jockey Club Live shows for July, and a Kew The Music show in July. Catch them live by checking out the tour dates and ticket information below on Stereoboard. We hope that this new album will not be the last one from The Corrs, and we think they may still have the chance to make number one charts in the future. 2017 may be an interesting year for them!

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