Starting a New Business in Norway

If you are interested in moving to Norway or live in Norway, but don’t know how to start your own business then this guide can help you in earning your own money. Here is some steps to think of, before you apply for your new business in Norway.

Get Your Papers

To be able to work in Norway, you need to have correct papers saying that you actually can work in Norway. There are different rules for countries outside of Europe and those inside Europe and especially for Schengen countries. Yes, Norway isn’t part of European Union, but it is part of the Schengen agreement which makes it a lot easier for Europeans to be able to work in Norway.

The best way to start working here in Norway is to get a permanent citizenship or a working citizenship. Make sure that you check with your local Norwegian embassy for further information.


  • Talk with your nearest Norwegian embassy
  • Check your passport and papers
  • Find out if your country is in Schengen or not if you want to come from a European country

Do What You Are Good At

Think thru what you want to work with. Are you good at IT? Good at Service? Interested in food? Love niche products? Want to open a store or just for on-line? When you apply for work in Norway you need to specify this. Also nice to know is a Norwegian government website that lists all of the companies in Norway, called Brønnøysundregistrene. The link is quite smaller though, – Here you can search for any company registered in Norway. Also Distrita DA which makes Distrita, Amitopia and this website.  It is a nice tool when opening a new business here as you can search and find out if the Name of your company is taken or not.


  • Find out what you like
  • On-Line or a physical store!?
  • Check Brønnøysundsregistrene if the Name of your desired company name is taken or not

Plan the Business in Norway

Enkeltmansforetak (Simple Mans Enterprises)

It is wise to know what type of business that you want to do. You can open many types of different companies in Norway, but Enkeltmansforetak is the easiest as it is the cheapest way and when your business makes money, it is fully possible to change the type of company.

If you plan to open your own business by yourself only in Norway, then it is called Enkeltmansforetak (Simple Mans Enterprises). With this type of company, you can earn upto 50000 NOK without paying tax. But be careful and as we do recommend to register everything that you earn, as the Norwegian state can give you big fines if you don’t notice the day you earn more than 50000 NOK. When this happens, you need to register you into the Norwegian tax system where you need to report once a year about your earnings. It is wisely to visit a tax office before this happens. Best tip is actually to sign up for a free tax course that the government got for everyone new for free. You can do this at your nearest tax office in Norway.


  • Enkeltmansforetak (Simple Mans Enterprises) type of companies can earn upto 50000 NOK a year without taking tax. When sending out bills to customers, all of the bills needs to have incl. tax on them
  • Know when you earn more than 50000 NOK. Write down in a spreadsheet document is recommended!
  • When you earn more than 50000 NOK, you need to register yourself for the Norwegian government. After this all of your bill prices should be either excl. tax or incl. tax
  • You own all the rights to this kind of company. If it fails, then everything will be on you.

So, now we hope to have given you some starting inspiration and knowledge for you that you can use. This site is about Help To Make Money and so we want to guide you to how to get jobs in different places. Norway got around 6 million people, with Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger beeing the 4 biggest cities. Having a Enkeltmansforetak (Simple Mans Enterprises), means that you can work from home or from a office. You can use etc if you are looking for a cheap office. This site is all in Norwegian, so if you know someone knowing Norwegian or using Google Translate option, then this site is very good to know.

Also! If your business goes well, there is lots of possibilities and services done by different financial companies that will help you out, but thats for another article.

Help To Make Money own Experience

Thank you for reading Distrita. Please share and like us.


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