Sirkus Eliassen – I Love You Te Quiero to the Final

EUROVISION: Norways biggest selling newspaper VG, gave this song worst score… Now,… Yesterday, Sirkus Eliassen got to know that they will be playing in Oslo Spektrum next Saturday. Showing that Norwegians likes this sort of music. Amazing! And also worth knowing is that these two brothers from Norway have just started making music. Distrita wishes them good luck, and all of the other contesters that have won last 3 finals.

Here is the music:

The line up for the final is now:

  • Gromth and Emil Solli-Tangen – Alone
  • Datarock – The Underground
  • Vidar Busk – Paid My Way
  • Margaret Berger – Feed You My Love
  • Fjellfolk – Ulvetuva
  • Annsofi – I’m With You
  • Adelén – Bombo
  • Sirkus Eliassen – I Love You Te Quiero
  • Adelén – Bombo

Follow our Eurovision Song Contest coverage this spring! We will give you the latest info.

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