Samsung Wave S8500 Review

Here it is. It is known as Samsung’s most powerful smart phone ever. Since the spectacular launch event in Barcelona (part of MWC), Samsung’s first mobile phone with their brand new operative system, Bada, is ready. We are proud to become one of the first that have a review of the device ready for you.

Opening the Wave
When opening the Samsung S8500 out of the box for the first time, we like what we see. The materials are not cheap plastic like we are used to, but sports a pretty solid metal chassis and is really thin at less than 11mm. In fact, we are amazed of the quality. On the left hand side you have the volume buttons (up and down). On the right hand side you have the lock button and the camera button. In the top you have the 3.5 mm audio port and the micro usb port that can be used for charging and connecting your phone to your computer.  The processor is a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, PowerVR SGX540 GPU. It is super fast and lets you boot your device in less than 25 seconds!  The Amo-led screen is amazing and is 3.3″ with something Samsung calls Gorilla Glass… It also lets us play HD video without any lagging, and it supports a number of formats!

Everything that You need
We like that Samsung has included all software you need. You have an Explorer inside of “My Files” where you can navigate to everything you have located on the phone’s integrated memory and the memory card. It is 2GB integrated memory on it, but we have inserted a 16Gb micro sd card and it works without any problem. We love the media player and the user interface in the menus.

Samsung will also launch a Samsung Apps Store where you can download applications, almost like you already can do in Android Market on other smart phones. If it can compete against the established stores is unsure, but Samsung will at least give it a try!

S8500 will replace Samsung Jet and Samsung Pixon12 in our eyes. The camera is a 5 megapixel with autofocus, led flash and can capture hd video. The quality is acceptable for day time photos, but it gives mixed  results when we take photos in dark areas.

Browser included Simplify net browsing
We know the Internet browser from earlier Samsung phones and we think it’s a little bit better than before, but still it is a little bit unstable and doesn’t always find the gsm/3G network. Then we have to close the browser and start it again. Also, sometimes we get error messages like “site content is too large” when we visit standard web sites. We also installed Opera Mini browser for Java, but we were not satisfied with it. The touch response is much better in Samsung’s integrated browser. Maybe Samsung will upgrade the web browser in later firmwares for bada.

It also has an integrated GPS with Route66, but we are not satisfied that we have to pay for getting guided navigation with voice.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Lastability
  • Price


The conclusion for Samsung Wave is that it is an exciting Bada start. Let's hope the bada adventure will give even more exciting phones in the future. The price is expected to become app 320 Euros, and it' definitely worth it!


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