Review of how Living in Bandung, Indonesia is today

In the last few days, I’ve been writing about humongous supermarkets and fastfood chains. But Indonesia is so much more. So here is my view of living in Bandung from a European perspective.

Living in Bandung

Their Homes and Houses Living in Bandung

From a personal perspective, I get a quite strange feeling when walking or driving in Bandung. Many of the houses in this town, simply reminds me of very old Polish building style. They are nicely mixed between houses built during the Dutch occupasion and more modern. The shopping malls however are top modern skyscrapers , but the contrast with the normal houses that sits side by side to them in Bandung is humongous.

So,.. I wonder why so many have done so little improvements since my last visit. Many Indonesians earns enough to be able to buy a motorcycle or a car, but to take care of the town itself seems to be something that no one have told them to do or the will is not there within the population at all. I have also visited Malaysia and Thailand. The dust is simply almost gone in these countries compared to Indonesia. Does someone at all thinks of people’s health in Indonesia? Because the will to do something requires not so much, but the will to start is somthing else.

…and that leads us to the next part of this article. When the houses isn’t taken care of ,… then what about the enviroments around the houses? The location of Bandung is so beautifully placed. The mountains surrounding the area are so immense to look at, but the smog and dust from the streets and the old buildings just keeps the air more toxic than it should be. Even when the rain comes, people in Bandung are afraid to let the children or anyone be outside, because of it beeing not healthy. Not good at all.

Living in Bandung

Their Streets is Rarerly Washed

One of the biggest differences is that the streets of Indonesia is rarerly or never washed. The toll highway seems to be nice, but the rest have really bad look to it. It seems to me as if the time have been standing ever since Dutches left.

The pedestrian roads are almost none exsisting within the city limits. There are also no priority for bikers or for parents walking with their children. When the pavements stops they do with a huge gap down to the road, and at some places its safer to walk at the road than on the pedestrian road.

Living in Bandung

Their Shops have a Beautiful karma to them

The shopping malls aren’t going to impress you,  but all of the stores and the life along the streets will.  There are also super markets in Bandung that is called traditional markets.  The life here is so different from the shiny supermarkets. The dust and the garbage makes the life here more interesting. I guess that the people have just given up on having a more shiny daily life or this is in fact the way that they want to live. The Indonesian government needs to do something .

Living in Bandung


I love Indonesia. I really do. The people, the food and the entire atmosphere is really something. But the buildings and infrastructure have issues that I think needs to be solved. People in Indonesia lifespan is the lowest in the world. What if few steps could help the people to increase their life. Yes, Indonesia got many poor people, but the government got the funds to rise life quality a lot.

With our articles about Indonesia, the Distrita team tries to courage the Indonesian government to think more about its people. We dont intend to demand, but to courage the government to do more for its people. The polution fog in Bandung is a real threat for its population and I really hope that we can courage Indonesian people to do more.




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