Spanish tapas in Oslo: Espana, Sandvika

How is typical Spanish food prepared in Norway? We visited a Spanish tapas restaurant, named Espana Sandvika, centrally located in Oslo west, in the suburb of Sandvika.

The Distrita team must admit that we love tapas and Spanish food. When that is said, we have tried tapas many times in our origin home base, Oslo, and many times we have been really dissapointed. It is difficult to find good tapas reasonably priced.

the legendary church tower of Sandvika

This time we went out of the city centre. Sandvika is located about 15 minutes by train out of the hustling downtown. It is a quiet suburb with some few charming streets, but the area is most known for its enourmous shopping centre with more than 200 shops and restaurants, that make the centre the biggest in Scandinavia. But this time we chose to leave the shopping centre and walk some houndred metres away.

It is easy to find. The surrounding looks nice, and the entrance is inviting.

the entrance

One of their female waiters catch us at the entrance and find a nice spot for us. We have a look at the menu. We ask for the Mahou beer that we find on the menu, but they tell us that they are sold out. A bit dissapointing, because we really like the local beer of Madrid. Then we order a Ringnes beer on tap instead. It is 65 NOK (9 euros) for 0,6litres. Not too bad, in one of the most expensive countries of the world. We find a plate called “Espana Tapas platter”.

Papas Bravas

It consists of Serrano Ham, Manchego cheese, Chorizo ​​al vino, Gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic), Patatas alioli (potatoes in garlic mayonnaise), Albondigas en salsa de tomate (Spanish meatballs in a tantalizing tomato sauce), patatas bravas (potatoes in tomato sauce), croquetas de jamon (cakes with ham), tortilla (Spanish potato omelet), calamares fritos (fried squid rings), pollo al ajillo (chicken in garlic) and bread and alioli.

wall design

The plate is for 2 persons and the total price for all the food is 299NOK (37 euros). And the plate was huge! Actually we have never got that much tapas before. They were really generous on the portions!

We don’t complain when we pay less than 20 euros per person in Oslo!

Tapas must be fresh to be tasty, and it feels great. Everything has a good taste. After a while the waiter comes with some huge slices of bread that she forgot to serve us, and some oil to have beside of it. We also get water.

restaurant ambiance

The service is friendly, and we are happy with Espana Tapas Bar. The owner is Spanish, from Madrid and he is also the boss on the kitchen! It makes the tapas experience really autentic.


We will definitey recommend this restaurant to all our readers. It is worth to check out!

Sandvika location

Outside Sandvika Storsenter

Shopping centre Sandvika

Sandvika location

Sandvika location

Espana Sandvika

Espana Sandvika

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