Peshawar’s Yaseen Khan wins national bodybuilding championship in Pakistan

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) – Peshawar’s Yaseen Khan wins the nationwide bodybuilding tournament that has been held in Faisalabad and made his province proud, reported Dunya Information.

In accordance with details, above two hundred bodybuilders took part in your competition and Yaseen Khan developed record by winning the subject for 2nd time.

The bodybuilder belongs to Peshawar’s Bihari Colony and ended up being warmly welcomed by his family members, friends and locals as he returned after winning the title.

Yaseen Khan has been doing this sport for quite some time. Khan now is designed to participate in Mr. Olympia physique competitors in 2017.

Allow it be known that bodybuilding isn’t just a hard sport, but is in addition extremely expensive. Winning the tournament with no assistance from federal government is it self a huge success, but provincial federal government not congratulated the bodybuilder over his wonderful achievement.


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