Now it is Possible to Translate Japanese on the Fly with Google Translate

Google Translate Japanese

photosource: Google blog | Google Translate Japanese on the fly by filming Japanese signs. They will turn into English

Now it is possible to download the amazing Google Translate app on Android and iOS. It is able to translate text from pictures, which is genious for first time travelers to Japan.

Translator Japanese characters in real time turns Japanese text into English
Word Lens is the name of the function in Google Translate app, that makes it possible to translate text by pointing the camera at the target. Now this app supports the Japanese characters in real time. Very handy if you are in Tokyo holiday for sure.

Supported still images, now in Video also
Google Translate has indeed supported the translation of the Japanese word, but only with still images. Now you no longer need to fill up your mobile with images of Japanese signs to translate them. Now you can just point the camera and the Google Translate app will translate the Japanese characters on the fly. Handy? Yes!

Recommended to Download it Now
The Verge websiste, has tested the Word Lens Patch for Google Translate. They report that it is far from perfect, but they do recommend downloading the Google Translate app before your next Japan trip.

See how it works in this shaky YouTube video

How to get this update!?

To turn your smartphone into a powerful instant translation tool for English to Japanese (and vice versa), all you need to do is download the Google Translate app, either on Android or iOS.

Finally there is an app that makes wonders. Google have really done something great here as I know from many that have gone to Japan from Norway, they always struggle with the streets and the name of places in Tokyo. This app is certainly a very well made app, that is showing only the begining of more united world. It is a great app for learning Japanese also.

The Verge
Google Blog


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