Sausages with Lompe around them is traditional food in Norway!

Sausages with Lompe around them is traditional food in Norway!

If there is a thing that you should know about Norwegians, is that they love sausages! In almost every hot day during summertime, people relax a lot in the parks after work or in weekends with one-time grills that you can get in almost every grocery store. On the one-time grill, people is grilling lot’s of different types of meat and vegetables. But the sausages will always find their ways on the grill. Be sure on that!

Sausages with Lompe is the thing
You can get them at Narvesen, Deli De Luca, MIX and 7-11 kiosks around the country if you don’t want to grill outside. They sell them all year around and sometimes especially Narvesen and 7-11 does have “Pølsefest” and it means that they sell all of their sausage types for around 20,- NOK. A price that is quite low, even for tourists visiting our country during these times. They last for 1-2 weeks, sometimes a month.

So, most of people does actually order the sausages with Lompe! Others orders them with bread like a hot-dog etc.

What is Lompe then!?

Lompe is a potato pancake thing. It is a flast, soft pastry and is originaly made out from potatoes. You can make them yourself, just check this out!

To make Lomper, you can follow our simple recipe!

  1. Mix flour with potatoes and a little salt
  2. You should roll everything with a binder mimimum so it becomes pastry
  3. Roll out the pastry out on a griddle or in a dry pan

This is how Lompe looks like. Norwegians loves it and its only known in Norway

Many types in kiosks and grocery stores in Norway
There are many types of sausages that is sold in the Norwegian grocery stores. They can be everything from simple Wiener sausages, to much more advanced grill type sausages with cheese or chilly addons. You also find German Bratwursts that Norwegians also eat with Lompe pancakes. 7-11 even sell Hamburger type sausages and I’ve even seen chicken rolls versions.

Many sausages variations
Most of the Norwegian sausages are made of pork, but there also chicken, duck and other variations. If you can’t eat pork, then be sure to ask in the kiosks or if you are not sure in the grocery stores. The prices outside of the so called “Pølsefest” times at kiosks is around 50,- NOK (5 euros) or you can get them much cheaper in the grocery stores! There you can get many in one pack and is perfect for the grilling session outside with friends. Hot dogs are also sold (sausage in bread), and is very popular.

Addons for the sausages
Most of the kiosks have ketchup and mustard as standard choice for addons on top of the sausages. There is also onion crisps, hot dog dressing, hot chilly dressing etc. You just have to try whats best for you. Our tip is to just start with ketchup only, then if that is good or bad try with the others.. Or maybe you just feel for not using addon. That’s up to you.

Norwegians have always loved sausages and Lompe! It is a tradition that I’ve seen here in Norway since I moved here in 1985. Especially on Norway’s national day 17th of May. Children of almost every Norwegian type of families eats Wiener sausages and Lompe surrounding them. But not only children! Almost everyone eats a lot of sausages on 17th of May. Lompe seems to be a traditional type of potato pancake that will always stay here. For foreigners coming to Norway, this causes cultural problems! But as written. You can get sausages made of chicken and other types of meat.  There are even sausages made for vegetarians here! So no one is left out in the cold!





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