Norway exit at Eurovision shocks more than expected!

Agnete K. Johnsen made a quite shocking entrance with a song that so many missjudged totally it seems. It seems like her song Icebreaker, have grown on peoples minds ever since her unfortunate exit at Semi-Final 2 Eurovision Song Contest show on 12th of May.

People supports Agnete on YouTube
If you read YouTube comments on her Live performance and on her musicvideo related to the Icebreaker song. You can clearly see all the comments that now doesn’t understand how she couldn’t go to the final. This song is a song that the mind needs to get used to as it uses totally new beats in a dance pop song.

Agnete have Won peoples hearts
So sad to watch Agnete’s song didn’t go to todays Final, but that doesn’t mean that she will be forgotten. She is a fantastic song writer and she looks and sounds amazing. Also a pluss side is that she is infact a Sami girl from northern part of Norway. So she actually made Eurovision change on the use of the official Sami flag.

Agnete – Icebreaker

Comments from YouTube
Here I’ve gathered some of hundreds comments regarding this song on YouTube. We want to show how people have reacted to Agnete’s exit from Eurovision on Thursday:

– Beautiful!!. This song deserved a place in the final of Eurovision… Hugs for Agnete, from Venezuela! <3 - This was the most beautiful song from semi-final 2. How did she not qualify??? I feel sorry for you, Agnete. Love from Belgium. - i am so mad norway dindn't qualify! hugs from Poland <3 - Best song in this year´s Eurovision even though it didn´t qualify. Lovely girl too <3 :D - simply perfect! Europe, what's wrong with you? From Ukraine with love) - Agnete, you were AWESOME in Eurovision at Stockholme, you were my fav out of all of them, it is okay you did not go to the Finals, for me, you did and you won!You are a beautiful girl with a great voice!Never, EVER stop the amazing progress and always be happy!Greetings, a like, and a subscribe from Greece!LOVE YOU! - Agnete you were my favorite singer and the best song for me..I dont understand how did this happen... - The warmest uplifting lyrics...from a Sami angel!

All the Best from us!
Distrita wishes Agnete all the best as she deserves all the love and respect for having actually moved the dance pop genre further. Yes, she have actually invented new beats together with her team, that no one have liked or heard before. Agnete is a amazing girl and we thank her a lot for her performance at this year Eurovision. We really hoped that you would go further, but life is life and Europe voted against the song… just to regret it.


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