Nordic Game of the Year 2016 results! Cities Skylines is the Winner!

Nordic Game of the Year 2016. A highlight of NG16 in Malmö, that took place on 19th of May. The award show took place in the Unreal Theatre, the main auditorium of Slagthuset. And the most interesting news is that Cities Skylines actually won Nordic Game of the Year prize. They also won Best Game Design!

Distrita congratulates Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive for a fantastic product that is loved by thousands of gamers worldwide. This game is such an inspiration for other developers. It proved that going fully open way for MODers, gives the game huge life improvement beyond what the developers itself have gone. Users have managed to create content that turns an already fantastic game to one of the best games in history regarding sales numbers and happy gamers.

Here is the Nordic Game of the Year 2016 Results

Cities: Skylines, developed by Colossal Order, Finland

Just Cause 3, developed by Avalanche Studios, Sweden

Soma, developed by Frictional Games, Sweden

Star Wars Battlefront, developed by DICE, Sweden

Affordable Space Adventures, developed by Knapnok Games, Denmark

It is very interesting seeing how much loved Cities Skylines is! But not only it. Just Cause 3 came on a 2nd place. We at Distrita have been playing this game a lot also and recommends it a lot. However, Just Cause 3 got some flaws here and there. Especially in the Playstation 4 version. I have managed to get stuck after I’ve went thru the mountains. All of my assets doesn’t load when the game starts and there are huge FPS drops after they’ve actually released updates that should have fixed those issues within the game. It seems that it is okay to release a 79% complete game these days. Other than these flaws, Just Cause 3 really deserves a 2nd place in such event like this.

Congratulations to all from the Distrita team!

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