MorphOS Upgrade guide on PPC Macs

MorphOS 3.7 is out. This guide is related to the latest MorphOS upgrade! This guide will ONLY work for people with more MorphOS partitions than just one! It should be in SFS. If you want to install MorphOS by using USB Pen, check this out:

Here is a small guide on how to Upgrade MorphOS without need to burn a CD or if you are out of USB Pens. You need to have some basic skills in using an American keyboard. You should also know what you are doing.


Download the Latest MorphOS .ISO file from and rename it to something easy, like morphos.iso. Download it to your dh2 partition. If you don´t have one, you should create it. Don´t ever try to run the MorphOS .ISO file from your System: partition. Also make sure that the partition is a SFS partition. My Work (most used name for second HD on AmigaOS and MorphOS) partition is set to dh2. I have also created a drawer called mos, so my MorphOS .iso file is located at: dh2:mos/morphos37.iso, but the morphos.iso file can also be in the root of the partition!

Open up the MorphOS ISO file with Ambient. Double click on the file! Inside ISO file you will find two partitions. One named as mac_ppc32 and other mac_ppc64. You need to choose the right boot.img before going further!
– mac_ppc32 goes for PowerPC G3 and PowerPC G4 CPU´s
– mac_ppc64 goes for PowerPC G5 CPU´s

Copy boot.img to Ram Disk: and rename the boot.img to bootNew.img (you can name it as you want) for example and then Copy it to your Boot partition. (When installing, the old boot.img will be overwritten! Also this prevents that if something happens, you will be able to boot into your old MorphOS again!)

Find mac_ppc32 or mac_ppc64 drawer inside the MorphOS .ISO file. There you will find boot.img. Move this file to your boot partition. If you boot now, you should be able to boot into MorphOS latest boot.img file.

Be sure that you have copied the right boot.img file to your boot partition. Then reboot MorphOS either from right click-menu or hold a+a+ctrl

Reboot your Mac and Hold Cmd+alt+F+O at the same time right after the startup sound.

Now you should get text with a | that blinks. Write this down on a paper or if you have another computer beside. Write it there:
boot hd:\bootnew.img bi=dh2:mos/morphos37.iso

This will make OF find boot.img and at the same time locate where you’r morphos37.iso file is located. Just wait a few seconds and it should boot into the .ISO file by itself. If not, be sure that you have typed exactly what you have named the morphos .ISO file.

Follow the instructions, and do the Upgrade. If you have the speakers on, you should be hearing a nice retro alike jingle. From here you can click on the Installation button and then either Upgrade or a totally fresh install.

There are also possibilities to install or upgrade MorphOS by using USB stick or Simply burn a CD or DVD with newest MorphOS. Problem here is that this last option wont last. Thats why Distrita have delivered this guide to you.

If you have any questions regarding MorphOS install. Be sure to contact us. Also! Distrita is not responsible for any mistakes done. Stick to it and it will work.

Good Luck! And enjoy the usage of MorphOS! And here we have a small graphical guide as something extra.

There is alway risks doing updates in Open Firmware if you are not the person that can handle written type of Operating systems. Ask a friend if you´re not sure about what to do. Distrita takes no responsibility for damaged system. Make sure that you follow this guide which have been presented for me by people from MorphOS Team, but also from my own experience. 

Good Luck!

Thank you for reading Distrita. Please share and like us.


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