Microsoft forces Skype on its users

For us that lived thru the computing history, remembers the battle that Microsoft gave the Internet community by trying to force Internet Explorer browser and Microsoft HTML code to become the standard. However! The world wanted the open source way to lead the way. The same thing happened with MSN, but it sort of faded away and in the end turned out to become Skype! But even with Microsoft’s many attempts to rule, IRC, social media and other competitors managed to sort of stop Microsoft victory.

Do Not delete Skype!
The Windows 10 Anniversary Update does some really un-healthy things during the installation, that it doesn’t inform you of at all until its done. Like it forces Skype to be installed, even if you have had in uninstalled earlier. Also Microsoft automaticly logs you into Skype, so you can be bothered straight away from friends trying to contact you. Worst is not the functionality that Skype gives you, but the way Microsoft forces Skype onto your Windows 10 install. It’s not asking during the installation if it should install or not. Its really bad thing to do.

There was an even bigger surprise writes. During the install of Anniversary Update, Microsoft hides something called Classic Shell that eventually replaces the Start meny. It hides all of its files, put it out of searching strings in the OS but for now leave it in Program Files folder. Again, Microsoft do this without ever notifying you beforehand or asking you for your permission which is very un-professionally done. It means that Microsoft have no longer respect for its users which is really bad.

Alternative operating systems
While Microsoft keeps on forcing programs and features on its users. There are alternative operating systems that is just siting and waiting for your attention. AmigaOS 4.x, Haiku, MorphOS, QNX and many distros of Linux gives you choices and doesn’t hide or opens programs for you without asking. It seems like Microsoft has really gone to far this time, but do people care?


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