Mexican tacos de mole

The corn tortilla is a food that falls within the category of cereals. A single serving of corn tortilla (we consider as 1 ounce serving, that is, about 28.35 grams of corn tortilla) contains approximately 62 calories.

If compared to other cereals, corn tortillas are less caloric than average cereals because they contain 218 calories per 100 grams, while other foods such as linseed (534 lime), rice crackers (387 Lime), corn tortillas (387 cal) have many more calories.

Ingredients Mexican tacos de mole
6 servings
1 dozen corn tortillas
1/2 onion
1 1/2 chicken breast
150 gr dough
1 clove garlic
Frying oil
Grating cheese
50 minutes
Cook the breasts with garlic, onion and salt. When done, remove them from the broth and discard them.
In a separate pot, dissolve the mole paste in the broth and heat the mixture until it boils. Must be thick.
Heat the tortillas in a comal so that they are soft, fill with the chicken and fry in oil giving them turns so that they are golden on all sides.

Serve the tacos in a fountain, cover with the mole, and put grated cheese on top. Very RICH !!

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