Kramatorsk in Ukraine abandoned it’s tram system on 1st of August – Bring it Back Now!

When cities changes their infrastructure from something that have been running since 1937 for buses that just lasts for 5-7 years. Then there are some politicians in Kramatorsk that needs to look around. Trams is the solution for a better health, not buses! So, it’s really sad to see that Kramatorsk in Ukraine decided to close down it’s 3 line tram system on 1st of August this year. These 3 lines is supposed to replace buses with in the future!? But not now? Someone in this city have to look around them. Trams is coming back to worlds cities because they are better than buses! Better for air, for city feel and costs!

Kramatorsk in Ukraine abandoned it’s tram Way too fast

The main reason given for the closure was the high cost of fleet replacement. The eight operational KTM5 trams in the fleet, of which five were needed for regular services, date from 1974 and needed replacement. This would have cost 12m to 15m hryvnia per tram, compared with 1·5m hryvnia for a bus. The trams will all be sold.

Yes! A bus might be cheaper to buy than a tram in short term fix! However, for a longer time perspective. No towns uses buses from 1970s, 1980s or 1990s anymore. They have all been replaced with new ones. Also you need way more buses to fill the gap of trams. To see Kramatorsk in Ukraine abandoned it’s tram is a tragedy for it’s population! These trams in Kramatorsk have been running since 1937! Since that time, wagons have been replaced once!… Other towns like Lisbon in Portugal still uses trams from 1902 even! Do you see a town using a bus from before the world wars?? No!… So, answer is quite simple. Trams are way cheaper and brings a way more healthy enviroment to everyone living there! Also rails have more power than asphalt which you need to maintain all the time compared to rails.

Getting a bus system is good, but when the city haven’t even got the buses that is supposed to replace the tram route yet. Is that good choice? site informs that the city intends to buy three buses to serve the entire tram layout of 3 lines??? The city have had the tram system since 1937, with only one short stop in May 2014 because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Now, if Ukraine intend to help its citizens in a city with more than 160.000 citizens living there, then follow our slogan here:

Bring the Tram Back to Kramatorsk in Ukraine

Принесіть трамвай до Краматорська в Україні

If Ukraine wants to be better than Russia. You shouldn’t abandon anything that is actually great for the air in your cities. Trams is way better regarding pollution and Ukraine is a country with 4 seasons. Especially in winter, the people of Kramatorsk will feel worse. It’s time to bring the tram back! Get the funds help that the city needs to get it back on track. Get your tram back for the peoples health in Kramatorsk now!

*Feature image is from Szceczcin (Stettin) in Poland. Used for illustration for this article



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