Over 5100 is against Justin Timberlake visit on Eurovision Song Contest

On Eurovision Song Contest Facebook page, you can read about how proud Eurovision is to have invited Justin Timberlake to Eurovision. But the fans are angry. Yes over 5100 (as it is counted now) is angry because they feel that Eurovision shouldn’t have influence from other artists at all. Especially American ones that doesn’t fit the theme of the whole show.

“Why??? Is that just to flirt with the USA viewers? This year US will broadcast the show for the first time ever and you put an american “chewing-gum” artist on the show, thats sad i think! This is not a MTV Music Award, its Eurovision – the spirit and music from europe!

“That’s so NOT Eurovision Song Contest! The shows’ interludes and acts have always been great because they don’t steal any thunder from the real performers in the show. Not liking this news AT ALL….”

Sorry but that’s not exciting. I am from the USA and I don’t want to see him at Eurovision Song Contest. Petra Mede is way more entertaining. That show stopper in Malmo was amazing. Glad I didn’t get tickets to the grand final after all.

Will Eurovision turn in time? If its already decided and that Eurovsion Song Contest is for the first time shown in USA. It feels like Justin Timberlake is invited to the show just to get American viewers. The spirit of Eurovision is that it should always be special and not some “other” IDOL or XFactor program.

OBS! The Facebook numbers were rising from the time the topic picture was grabbed until the article was out. The angry numbers increased too fast.



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