JOWST will present Norway at Eurovision 2017

Worlds biggest song contest, named as Eurovision will be held in Ukraine this year. Distrita will update you until the event will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine in may this year. If you want to contribute with articles, we would be happy.

Shock in Sweden, Surprise from Norway
All of the Nordic countries have their artists ready for Eurovision. Before the final of Eurovision, all of European countries either have their own local shows electing an artist or just choose one for the final. Most shocking is the Swedish song made by Robin Bengtsson, which won because of international judgement. In Norway however, the voting in their local Eurovision version was the same until the end of the show.

In Norway, the last 4 songs that went to a gold final could be voted 100% by Norwegian people and so JOWST with Grab The Moment managed to win. The song is pretty good and I must say it moves me more and more for each time I listen to it.

JOWST – Grab The Moment (Winner at Eurovision local final in Norway)

A fantastic show and maybe Norway manages to goto the final this year? Now that would be really great!

Here is the official winning country list from Wikipedia

Year Date Host City Winner Song Performer Points Margin Runner-up
1956 24 May Switzerland Lugano   Switzerland Refrain Lys Assia
Never announced
1957 3 Mar Germany Frankfurt  Netherlands Net als toen Corry Brokken 31 14  France
1958 12 Mar Netherlands Hilversum  France Dors, mon amour André Claveau 27 3   Switzerland
1959 11 Mar France Cannes  Netherlands Een beetje Teddy Scholten 21 5  United Kingdom
1960 29 Mar United Kingdom London  France Tom Pillibi Jacqueline Boyer 32 7  United Kingdom
1961 18 Mar France Cannes  Luxembourg Nous les amoureux Jean-Claude Pascal 31 7  United Kingdom
1962 18 Mar Luxembourg Luxembourg  France Un premier amour Isabelle Aubret 26 13  Monaco
1963 23 Mar United Kingdom London  Denmark Dansevise Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann 42 2   Switzerland
1964 21 Mar Denmark Copenhagen  Italy Non ho l’età Gigliola Cinquetti 49 32  United Kingdom
1965 20 Mar Italy Naples  Luxembourg Poupée de cire, poupée de son France Gall 32 6  United Kingdom
1966 5 Mar Luxembourg Luxembourg  Austria Merci, Chérie Udo Jürgens 31 15  Sweden
1967 8 April Austria Vienna  United Kingdom Puppet on a String Sandie Shaw 47 25  Ireland
1968 6 April United Kingdom London  Spain La, la, la Massiel 29 1  United Kingdom
1969 29 Mar Spain Madrid Vivo cantando Salomé 18
No runner-up
 United Kingdom Boom Bang-a-Bang Lulu
 Netherlands De troubadour Lenny Kuhr
 France Un jour, un enfant Frida Boccara
1970 21 Mar Netherlands Amsterdam  Ireland All Kinds of Everything Dana 32 6  United Kingdom
1971 3 April Republic of Ireland Dublin  Monaco Un banc, un arbre, une rue Séverine 128 12  Spain
1972 25 Mar United Kingdom Edinburgh  Luxembourg Après toi Vicky Leandros 128 14  United Kingdom
1973 7 April  Luxembourg Tu te reconnaîtras Anne-Marie David 129 4  Spain
1974 6 April United Kingdom Brighton  Sweden Waterloo ABBA 24 6  Italy
1975 22 Mar Sweden Stockholm  Netherlands Ding-a-dong Teach-In 152 14  United Kingdom
1976 3 April Netherlands The Hague  United Kingdom Save Your Kisses for Me Brotherhood of Man 164 17  France
1977 7 May United Kingdom London  France L’oiseau et l’enfant Marie Myriam 136 15  United Kingdom
1978 22 April France Paris  Israel A-Ba-Ni-Bi(א-ב-ני-בי) Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta 157 32  Belgium
1979 31 Mar Israel Jerusalem Hallelujah(הללויה) Gali Atari and Milk and Honey 125 9  Spain
1980 19 April Netherlands The Hague  Ireland What’s Another Year Johnny Logan 143 15  Germany
1981 4 April Republic of Ireland Dublin  United Kingdom Making Your Mind Up Bucks Fizz 136 4  Germany
1982 24 April United Kingdom Harrogate  Germany Ein bißchen Frieden Nicole 161 61  Israel
1983 23 April Germany Munich  Luxembourg Si la vie est cadeau Corinne Hermès 142 6  Israel
1984 5 May Luxembourg Luxembourg  Sweden Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley Herreys 145 8  Ireland
1985 4 May Sweden Gothenburg  Norway La det swinge Bobbysocks! 123 18  Germany
1986 3 May Norway Bergen  Belgium J’aime la vie Sandra Kim 176 36   Switzerland
1987 9 May Belgium Brussels  Ireland Hold Me Now Johnny Logan 172 31  Germany
1988 30 April Republic of Ireland Dublin   Switzerland Ne partez pas sans moi Céline Dion 137 1  United Kingdom
1989 6 May Switzerland Lausanne  Yugoslavia Rock Me Riva 137 7  United Kingdom
1990 5 May Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zagreb  Italy Insieme: 1992 Toto Cutugno 149 17  Ireland
1991 4 May Italy Rome  Sweden Fångad av en stormvind Carola 146 0  France
1992 9 May Sweden Malmö  Ireland Why Me? Linda Martin 155 16  United Kingdom
1993 15 May Republic of Ireland Millstreet In Your Eyes Niamh Kavanagh 187 23  United Kingdom
1994 30 April Republic of Ireland Dublin Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan 226 60  Poland
1995 13 May  Norway Nocturne Secret Garden 148 29  Spain
1996 18 May Norway Oslo  Ireland The Voice Eimear Quinn 162 48  Norway
1997 3 May Republic of Ireland Dublin  United Kingdom Love Shine a Light Katrina and the Waves 227 70  Ireland
1998 9 May United Kingdom Birmingham  Israel Diva(דיווה) Dana International 172 6  United Kingdom
1999 29 May Israel Jerusalem  Sweden Take Me to Your Heaven Charlotte Nilsson 163 17  Iceland
2000 13 May Sweden Stockholm  Denmark Fly on the Wings of Love Olsen Brothers 195 40  Russia
2001 12 May Denmark Copenhagen  Estonia Everybody Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL 198 21  Denmark
2002 25 May Estonia Tallinn  Latvia I Wanna Marie N 176 12  Malta
2003 24 May Latvia Riga  Turkey Everyway That I Can Sertab Erener 167 2  Belgium
2004 15 May Turkey Istanbul  Ukraine Wild Dances Ruslana 280 17  Serbia and Montenegro
2005 21 May Ukraine Kiev  Greece My Number One Helena Paparizou 230 38  Malta
2006 20 May Greece Athens  Finland Hard Rock Hallelujah Lordi 292 44  Russia
2007 12 May Finland Helsinki  Serbia Molitva(Молитва) Marija Šerifović 268 33  Ukraine
2008 24 May Serbia Belgrade  Russia Believe Dima Bilan 272 42  Ukraine
2009 16 May Russia Moscow  Norway Fairytale Alexander Rybak 387 169  Iceland
2010 29 May Norway Oslo  Germany Satellite Lena 246 76  Turkey
2011 14 May Germany Düsseldorf  Azerbaijan Running Scared Ell & Nikki 221 32  Italy
2012 26 May Azerbaijan Baku  Sweden Euphoria Loreen 372 113  Russia
2013 18 May Sweden Malmö  Denmark Only Teardrops Emmelie de Forest 281 47  Azerbaijan
2014 10 May Denmark Copenhagen  Austria Rise Like a Phoenix Conchita Wurst 290 52  Netherlands
2015 23 May Austria Vienna  Sweden Heroes Måns Zelmerlöw 365 62  Russia
2016 14 May Sweden Stockholm  Ukraine 1944 Jamala 534 23  Australia
2017 13 May Ukraine Kiev  xxx  xxx  xxx  ??  ??  ??


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