Jolla mobile in-depth Review

DSC00071Review, Jolla mobile with Sailfish OS: A New Beginning it is! A new company called Jolla, a new mobile called Jolla mobile and a new mobile operating system called Sailfish OS. It’s all new, but how does everything work? Distrita finds out.

The company Jolla:
In May 2013 I called Jolla, asking about getting a testing device. The nice lady at the other end told me that I have to wait until pre-order is getting started. When the first batch of Jolla mobile devices was released, I was told to wait until Jolla mobile could be sent to Norway. When the second wave was launched, Jolla wanted me to wait until the end of second wave. So instead of waiting and waiting, I bought myself a device. I never got a test device as I was promised. This let me down a bit. Second let down have been the customer service. It took the customer service 7 days to answer my first question. The second question took 10 days. This is horrible long. Even if Jolla as a company is pretty new, they should had this service set up much better. There is also noway to call the company. After long search, I found the number to Jolla, but I think it twice and didn’t contact them in the end. I put my own mind on waiting mind. OK!

DSC00077OK…! Enough. Now this start of Jolla review might sound a bit harsh, but its a reality that I wanted to bring to you. Also I’ve seen on Facebook, when Jolla finally in January now put up an add where they are looking for help with customer service. SO,.. it seems like Jolla knows that customer service isn’t their strongest point. That is good,.. better now than never I say. Also to get these nagging a bit less pain, the person behind Jolla Facebook page answered things more often that the tickets staying in Jollas customer service system. It is good to see that Jolla is improving on things.

Jolla mobile and Sailfish OS:
Now this is the most interesting part. Even with all of the waiting issues I had. The phone, when it arrived with a FedEX guy on my door. Everything about it looks fantastic. The Jolla packaging with silver Jolla letters and Sailfish OS logo which lets you push the content out of the package, is simply New thinking and really Good presentation. The package itself shows how serious Jolla thinks about Jolla mobile. This way they show they are different, but in an very fashionable way.

After pushing the package out.  The phone, its battery and charger is shown. Unpacking is easy. I open the white part and put my MicroSD memcard into the phone, but found out that my SIM card is using old SIM card holder. I needed to cut the SIM car holder with a scissor until it fit. I cannot blame the phone for this, as it is my mobile operator which sent me an old SIM card holder. When done putting the MicroSIM inside, I put the battery inside and “click” the white back part of the phone to the phone. Very easy, and then boot…!

DSC00083First hour of Sailfish OS Usage:
Booting is fast. It is comfortable and one of the first questions which you get, is about what sort of Ambient screen color you want to see. Rest is about language and how to use the phone. The “how to use the phone” part is good, but be prepared to go on YouTube and on forums to completely understand it. After some minutes, you will find out and ask yourself. “Why did I use a Android device until now?”. The Sailfish OS experience is so amazingly good. To run apps is fast, too change between apps is fast, to see whats going on in all of your apps is smooth, the phone app isn’t affected by bad Android software and you also can run Android software.

Be sure that you have registered Jolla account here, and remember if you have done this. Because it’s important or else the fun can’t begin. Login and start download the most essential software from Jolla store which you find on your phone pre-installed. Install the Android support and then get any of the Android stores.

DSC00085Sailfish OS Daily usage:
Once installed from the “Essential apps from Jolla” link inside Jolla store. The phone can be used for more than just calling, texting and taking photos. Installing Friends app on Jolla store, turns your Jolla phone to a very good social phone. I find this app so integrated to the phone, that the feeling to be on Facebook is gone. Great!

So, how about the daily usage? When running all of the apps, it is simply stunning. Just swipe from one of the sides, and your back to the desktop screen. You’re taken to a desktop page showing you Live Multitasking. Both native Sailfish OS apps and Android apps is shown here. When using the Media app, you can then switch back to the desktop Live Multitasking screen and operate the program without entering it. The more apps you run at the same time, the more Live Multitasking screens appears. I have tested this a lot, and have to say. Sailfish OS does it’s job very well. It even runs Android apps better I think as Android apps doesn’t interfere with the Jolla phone app at all.

jolla_1My main problem with my Samsung, HTC and LG Android phones is that they are all running Android. When Android got the basics it is fast, but once you download Facebook app, Netflix, WhatsApp apps etc. The phone will get slower and slower. I don’t understand what’s doing this. But in the end, I am ending up with a phone so slow that even the phone app is infected by the slowness problems. When I cannot hangup after a conversation with someone and have to take out the batteries to get the phone hangup. This is not user friendly, and I as a user don’t understand how Google which is the main contributor behind Android can release such OS that is so unstable. Once I reset the phone, the phone is fast again. This is not how I want my phone life to be. I don’t want to think of what I am downloading, only to find out that the phone getting slower and slower because of some task that I don’t know anything about.

Sailfish OS is the native OS on Jolla mobile. It runs Android apps, but they are separated. My Nokia E90 with Symbian S60 runs smoother with lots of apps than all of my Android devices, which I have tested. Maybe I have been very unlucky with my Android devices, but after testing Sailfish OS these days. I must say its a comfortable OS that deserves so much love. It is unique. It is based on MeeGo which was the OS on Nokia N9 phone. You can install Sailfish OS on Nokia N9 now also.

This OS is new and it is something very new in all aspects. You might hate it the first minutes, but after a while will love it. If you are used how to use iOS or Android, then Sailfish OS is different. It is as different as Windows and AmigaOS is. But in the end you will love it.

Jolla_AloeJolla mobile phone Usage:
Sailfish OS in use is nice. Distrita will have a more in-depth review about everything regarding Sailfish OS and its features. The Jolla mobile itself is very nice product. This mobile is a bit bigger than iPhone 5 or latest Samsung Galaxy phone, but it can compete with LG’s Optimus HD. The grip of the phone is good, though the edges could have been a bit smoother. At the bottom of the front of the phone, there is a Led light which is showing green, blue and yellow lights. I still have to understand this.

The camera is giving good results. The mobile have two cameras. One in front and other at the back. The blitz is good. I wonder if Jolla have got some help from Nokia here? It is great help! The camera software is good also. It is fast, and the way to navigate your pictures is brilliant. Another nice feature with the camera, is the possibility to use volume buttons for taking pictures. For me as a user, I actually find this feature very user friendly compared to the only option “have touch the screen button to make pictures”. This feature is something I have missed since the Nokia days in the mobile history.

The last but maybe most important feature of a phone, is the phone app itself. Jolla mobile is doing pretty fine. I have waited for services with the phone, tried the speakers and tried its contact list. This part of the phone works pretty well, but I wish there would be even easier to be able to dial a phone number. I think this is something its possible to get used too fast, but even if the phone is so innovative and great. Just to dial a phone number, should be easier I think. It is not bad! Don’t get me wrong here. The whole phone is innovative and it takes time to get used to new way of using it. I am sure this is something that I won’t bother to think of after one or two weeks with using this new masterpiece.

Jolla300x300Conclusion of this Review:
What a phone! What a company delivering! This is so new and so unexpected. I had bad thoughts of everything because of the bad customer service from Jolla, but in the end when I got it. Jolla did a masterpiece of a phone with a mobile operating system that should have been on the market 5 years ago and knocked out Android and even iOS some percent. Distrita wishes Jolla all the best in the future and be sure to read about my Sailfish OS experience after some weeks with usage.

Distrita Score: 8/10
+ Nice phone
+ Nice operating system
+ Nice camera
+ Nice usage

– Bad customer service

Important Links: -: Jolla site -: Jolla registration site

Distrita experience with Jolla customer service





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