Interview about Archery in Indonesia

Distrita Sports ArcheryHere we introduce you a bit to archery in Indonesia and at the same time interview Rina Andrina, which together with her husband have opened archery interest to anyone interested in Indonesia. Archery is a sport, where you need to be strongt, patient and precise. Read on for our exclusive interview with a popular archery motivator with help of her husband. Read on…

Please Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Rina from Indonesia. My husband and i own a company which works in archery business

How did you get into archery in Indonesia?

It was my husband hobby, he just started archery maybe in 2007.

Then he became an archers, that time i didn’t interest to try it. Everytime he practiced, I waited for him in the parking area patiently.

On march 2011, he asked me to go to South Korea, he took archery class for Coach. His Coach, Mr. Kim Hyung Tak requested me to his first student. Then, that was my first time learned archery and my husband as my coach.

So, you got interested in archery then?
Yes. After returned back to Indonesia, i learned and practiced more about archery. And gave archery lesson for beginner and elementary school as extracurricular class.

What do you love about archery?

We learn many things from practice archery, beside as sport (exercise your upper body), we learn about concentration, more patience, honest, how to work as team, but the important thing, when you aim and shoot and you got bull eyes, it is very fun, proud and happy that you can only feel by yourself.

It can be release your stress, too.

Is it tough to start with archery?

No, don’t worry to try archery. But we must know the safety things. For beginner, takes bow with light weight and the length as tall as your height.

archery in indonesia

A really nice archery group photo from Indonesia

How is archery in Indonesia? And in Asia etc? Is it popular?

My suggestion. For beginner kids, draw weight abt 10-12 lbs Teen, draw weight abt 20-24 lbs Adult, draw weight abt 20-28 lbs. Few years ago, archery was not so popular in Indonesia. But these years, getting popular, after few movies with archery themes.

The problem was difficult to get archery stuff in Indonesia. Then we decided to open shop to make it easier.

Tell us a bit about how archery events is held in Indonesia?

Before, it was very rare to find archery fields in here, and if you found one, it was only available for athletes only. Public couldn’t enter or use it. The archery events were only available for national event for athletes.

In 2010, we opened our first archery field for our club members and a shop with facilities. We also added hosted archery competition for beginners.

At first, We hosted the competition only for our club members, and young archers. But, then we saw people beeing so enthusiastic, and they requested us to host another competition.

In The 2nd home competition , some of participants come from out of Bandung, even from Bali and Borneo island cames to join
First club, in our old archery field, At Lembang- Bandung. Then we moved to new archery field at Dusun Bambu Leisure Park.

archery in indonesia

Many interested in archery competition in Indonesia. Here is a proof of that!

Where is Dusun Bambu Leisure Park located?
Last year we cooperated with Army School in Bandung to open Vieneth Secapa Archery Club, which located inside the Army School

Saung Papanahan is owned by Our company, which located in the Dusun Bambu Leisure Park, it is about 3,000 mtr square in top of hill. And we designed it to be fun archery games and professional archery field, as well.

At Saung Papanahan, Also we have archery cafe, shop, musholla (place for Moslems praying) and good view of Bandung
Our company was being the first one who introduced and developed archery in Indonesia. So, now, everyone can learn and play archery.

My husband as archer (athlete), is also a great coach in Indonesia, with highest level international certificate.

We have few clubs and also support other clubs in Indonesia.

What is your goal with archery in Indonesia?

December 2016, we opened a new showroom in the center of Bandung (second biggest city in Indonesia). And will open few branches in near future.

In our club, we train beginner archers to become professional in archery.

Few of them are being province archers and one of Junior Archer went to World Archery Indoor competition last December in Bangkok, and got 4th rank.

Oh beside it, my husband also taught disable people who interest to change their life, as our charity. They learned, even stayed in our place for free.

they got some gold medals in the national paralympic archery.

Oh beside it, my husband also taught disable people who interest to change their life, as our charity. They learned, even stayed in our place for free.
thats very nice

Nice experience when trained, someday they cried, almost gave up with hard train, but….. they got some gold medals in the national paralympic archery.
Our vision and mission are for promote archery for all of Indonesian, and every one can get and learn archery easily.

archery in indonesia

A really nice Archery field!

archery in indonesia

All sorts of cultures on the same archery field in Indonesia

Rina Andrina, co-founder of archery interest for everyone, together with her husband in Indonesia

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