In June it has been Raining everyday until now in Bergen, Norway

If you think that your city is getting too much rain, then read our news today. In June month, it has been Raining everyda until now in Bergen, which is Norways second largest city. The 65 year old record is now beaten, which is quite amazing.

Big contrasts between the two Biggest cities in Norway

While Oslo have managed to get temps around 18C to 24C this summer, with some really amazing and sunny days. Bergen on the other hand, have had a quite different type of weather. They have managed to beat the 65 year old record! So, for many it is the very first summer with so many days with rain.

So, all of you living in United Kingdom or Ireland. You have more sunshine for sure, even though you are used to many days with rain. In Bergen it rains very often and in some cases the rain doesn’t stop before 2-3 months have passed.

Almost never snow in Bergen, compared to Oslo

Because of the relative mild air that comes from the Norwegian sea. The temperatures in Bergen is pretty mild! In fact they are so mild that snow is quite rare in Bergen center. However, because of this mild temps there is almost no hot days neither in Bergen. They do appear, but not for long as the rain is always finding its way to Bergen somehow.

So! If you don’t like snow but wants to live in Norway. Our suggestion is to try Bergen if you have nothing against rain that is. So, there is a truth to that Bergen is world’s wettest city.

This rain marathon in Bergen, Norway wont stop Now

It’s been raining everyday until now in Bergen! But that doesn’t mean that the rain will stop. In Dagbladet here in Norway, they have written about that the rain will continue. So, if you plan to go to Bergen. Make sure that you bring some clothes or an umbrella that can keep you dry.

“It seems that the rain will last forever. But it is variable how much it will rain every day, says meteorologist Haldis Berge at the weather forecast in Western Norway. –

Some tourists that comes to Bergen in Norway gets dissapointed if it doesn’t rain when they come to the wettest city in the world. It can happen, but for now you can be sure to meet those wet drops from the sky for a while. Make sure you follow the weather forecast on or on before you arrive.

Welcome to Bergen! A lovely Norwegian town for sure!


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