Huge fire last night in a Business center in Landskrona, Sweden!

A fire broke out on 28th of December at 22.30CET local time on Karlslunds square in Landskrona, Sweden. Several companies are available on the address, including a pizzeria, post office, convenience store, library and a school.

Emergency services initially focused on putting out the fire, but quickly realized that it was too overwhelming and later chose to protect adjacent buildings with Health center and kindergarten, as well as an underground garage with cars at a great value. Police did cut off a large area around the fire, where four rescue units worked to prevent the spread of the fire.

Unclear what started this huge fire in Landskrona, Sweden
Rescue Service commented early that they found a paper bomb an thought that would likely be the cause of the fire, but this was later denied by the Police, whose technicians will be on site this morning.

There is also information that someone heard fireworks burning with 8 blasts, then a bigger blast happened at around 23.00CET in the evening.

It is however very sad seeing someones shop, store or anything getting burned down. Distrita thanks local known people like Putte Nilsson for sharing the pictures.

Distrita will be updating this article…


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