Google Drive HandlerGoogle Drive Handler
AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and AROS
by Norbert Kett

Google Drive Handler here is an app released for all kinds of Amiga flavours, done by Norbert Kett. This app got released on 26th of January on Aminet for Amiga community, but have evolved. Now you are able to also get a Dropbox storage handler also if you download the Amiga Cloud Handlers package from Aminet.

This is a Dos handler that allows easy access to your Google Drive storage. On AmigaOS 3.x, 68020 28MHz, 8MB RAM and internet connection is the minimum system requirement.


Without licence key, the handler acts as a read only volume, and document exporting is disabled. Once licence obtained, full access to all his upcoming handlers is enabled. (Dropbox and Google Cloud Print are planned as well) The cost of the license is 10 EUR.


If you want to register the handler, please use the paypal button below. Add a desired display name, a contact email address, email associated with Google Drive, and email associated with DropBox (optional) to the comment field of transaction. Your keyfile will be sent to the provided contact address.

Google Drive Handler AmigaOS 4.x

GoogleDriveHandler_OS3Google Drive HandlerAmigaOS 68k0.4Download
GoogleDriveHandler_OS3Google Drive HandlerAmigaOS 4.x0.6Download
GoogleDriveHandler_MOSGoogle Drive HandlerMorphOS0.4Download
GoogleDriveHandler_AROSGoogle Drive HandlerAROS0.5Download
Amiga Cloud HandlersALL0.8Download

Buy the Full Version and for Further Development here

Here are some nice Screenshots

Google Drive Handler on AROS


Google Drive Handler on MorphOS


Google Drive Handler on classic AmigaOS with AmiKIT installed