Flappy Bird playing on Amiga is quite amazing

One of the most silly games ever released on this planet, must be Flappy Bird! Yet it is so addictive. You just have to pass the next pipe passage (Mario pipes infact) etc!.. And this game took the mobile phones by storm back in 2013, when it was developed by Vietnamese artist and programmer Dong Nguyen. After the game got popularity, Dong Nguyen removed it from both App Store and Google Play on February 10th 2014, because he considered the game to give children and people overuse by it. He did earn over $50,000 a day from in-app advertisements as well as sales until his decision to remove the game!

Flappy Bird for Amiga, played on Amitopia TV

Flappy Bird was released in May 2013

In 2013, company dotGEARS in Vietnam created this addictive game by artist and programmer Dong Nguyen which used graphics from a cancelled game in 2012. The game is a side-scroller where the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between rows of green pipes without hitting them. The developer created the game over several days

After the removal of the game, many started to sell their phones for a higher price with Flappy Bird installed even. The game also got several ports. There is even a Commodore 64 version of the game also! Just check this video below!

Flappy Bird port for Commodore 64

Silly game with great developer potentials

So, even if the developer thought that it is a abusive game and I also have to admit its a bit addictive once you start to play it! However!… For developers that wants to learn how to code or learn about how to port games. Then Flappy Bird’s simplicity is so obvious, it’s a perfect game for learning development. So, thanks to Dong Nguyen for releasing this game. As seen above, the game works nicely on Commodore 64 also!

Not an abusive game at all! Player will become More constructive!

Conclusion to this. Addictive? Yes! Abusive? No, I think. Not more than Angry Birds, which is still on all sorts of on-line stores! Pac-Man, Tetris, Lemmings and Worms are also addictive games. There are also several 3D games like Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament and the GTA series which is addictive also. But there is no proof anywhere that these games are abusive. Rather! They challenge your mind instead. Tetris was seen as just fun by many parents back in the days etc. But when you grow up. You actually learn the way Tetris bricks vs packing or moving stuff is quite similar. To put the right suit cases where they should be in the back of your car is something that kids learn a lot from having played Tetris! You simply get a much more constructive mind by playing Tetris.

However! When playing Flappy Bird! You have to pass the Mario alike pipes. For each game you progress. What can a child or a person learn from this you think? Well, on a daily bases when walking, running, biking or driving a car. Your senses about hitting walls or hitting something will learn. You might not have the skill by just playing Flappy Bird once or twice. But after playing it ten or twenty times, then your mind will learn a lot. So, when taking a driver license and learning to recoil with car if played a game like Flappy Bird, Tetris, GTA or even playing Mario or Giana Sisters. You teach your mind to become way more precise for sure. Try this yourself, especially if you want to drive a car in the future.

AmiBird Total Verdict
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Music
  • Playability
  • Lastability

AmiBird Final Verdict

The Amiga port of the game is great. However, it requirement of 68030 or better is a bit silly. As you see, the Commodore 64 version is working on much more underpowered hardware. However! AmiBird is fun! It seems like its a direct port of the mobile version as the screen is as small as a mobile screen. The Commodore 64 version runs in fullscreen though!

This game is a bid addictive for me. I played and played, but in the end I sort of ended up with this conclusion. Its great, but AmiBird should work on a Amiga 500 with only 512KB of RAM even! Just look at Menace, Giana Sisters or Hard'N Heavy. They just work on a stock Amiga 500! Maybe because this is more of an official port with name only changed, it requires more. At Amitopia LIVE show, I played the game on our 68060 Amiga 1200, so no issues on that machine for sure though.

Gameplay is great! I used the Thank mouse from Commodore, which isnt so precise for games like this. However, it worked somehow. The music is really silly. The sound effects are however ok, but the Commodore 64 version uses the C64 SID chip and it actually sounds more fun!

Get the game on Aminet for Free here!


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