Essen in Germany with excellent Tram-Tunnel entrance

When it comes to how cities in the world should solve their public transportation issues, then Essen in Germany is a great example. Their trams makes use of road space on ground and underground, but they have made quite interesting transactions between these two worlds. Yes, in Essen you can see trams coming up to daylight in parks and in the middle of roads. They also managed to make this look nicely done and should be an inspiration for other cities like Göteborg, Malmö and Oslo to name a few. Also this is a nice solution for the tram in Stockholm. With some will and interest from enviroment interested politicians,  expanding public transport with trams is a brilliant way to have one type of transport system for all sorts of transport solutions.

Here are some nice photos taken by Distrita in Essen


Trams can be so Flexible for every city in the world
Trams can be very flexible if built right from the start. They can have many different adjustments to the cars as you can notice in Essen. Some of the cars there are short, while others can be long or even longer than a general metro length. In Essen, they also use a tram type that can manage to use higher metro alike platforms but also lower platforms. Yes, Essen have door floors that can change from stairs version to a flat version.

Compatible with almost any Terrain in the world
There is also no solution that is really bad for trams. They can be built in almost any place. They work both on street level, can run underground like a metro and even have the same speeds as local trains if configured correctly. There are many transit solutions that politicians can choose for a city, but the truth for make everything cheaper and better is by building trams lines so they are used a lot. Combining them with the local train system is also a great idea. Or they can fill the gap for metro and share same stations etc. Metro systems worldwide are different in every country, but trams can easily be built to the are where its been built.

Map of Essen in Germany (Ruhr area)

Get it to your city Now
So what will your city do Next? Spread this to anyone that thinks that trams is a bad solution to your city. With more trams and less busses on the streets in our cities, then our world would breath much better. Metro is atleast better solution if thats what your city got, but if your city got only busses like Kiel in Germany. It is time to get them back! Trams can really change the life you have and if you need proof. Here I’ve found a video from Line 88 that runs outside of Berlin in a small vilage. This shows how a tram line can be used as a local train that doesn’t take up too much space.

Video from Line 88 outside of Berlin. You reach it by S-Bahn

Distrita Own Experience
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