Epic Games CEO is critical to Microsoft

Tim Sweeney, which is the CEO of Epic Games that have developed Steam, is now critical to Microsoft again.

Windows 10 Updates breaking Steam support
Sweeney believes that this is yet another attempt by Microsoft to lock down Windows and shut out Steam.

Similar to Windows RT, which means that it can only drive UWP apps (Universal Platform Apps). According to Mary Jo Foley’s which knows Microsoft a lot, Windows 10 Cloud is now going to become a competitor to Chrome OS.

Here are some reactions from Tim Sweeney on Twitter

Not the first time that Microsoft tries to Block others
It is far from the first time that the Epic Games CEO is critical against Microsoft. Under Xbox Spring Showcase last year, Microsoft showed pass opportunities at UWP, which Sweeney described as “the most aggressive move to Microsoft ever.”

CD Projekt CEO Marcin Iwinski took the time Microsoft in defense and wanted the company’s focus on cross-platform gaming welcome.

And when Windows giant announced that they want to replace traditional Win32 apps with UWA (Universal Windows Apps), then Sweeney was really quick to criticize the company again.

Microsoft has responded with that anyone can create UWP applications and that it is possible to install them from sources other than the Windows Store.

Mozilla’s web browser Firefox also have issues on Microsofts new Windows 10. Sometimes the browser pages becomes totally black and you can’t browse or do anything until you restart the browser. In this way, Microsoft tries to push users to use Windows 10 EDGE browser that comes with it. Does this seems to be familiar with Microsofts monopoly attempts with Internet Explorer back in the days? An operating system developer shouldn’t be like a dictator and tell what users should use. It should give people the choices. People should be able to use Steam, Firefox, Paint.net or any other software that isn’t made by the OS developing company. Sheesh!…


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