Commodore Amiga design was unique

Many looks at Macs these days with Apple’s round design in all of their products. Samsung, LG and Nokia tries to follow Apple because they are afraid to loose if they choose another direction related to design.

But before the colored beetle alike G4 PPc Macs, then the Macs in early days wasn’t something you bought because of the design. A company named Commodore, which had a long hit with their Commodore 64 machine, stood up and had pretty good design compared to anyone else. Even today an Amiga 1200 (1993), or even Amiga CDTV (1990) are all timeless in design. When browsing the net and seeing the design that those Commodore engineers did back when I was only a child is absolute bizzare as now we are in 2012 and all our design is based on Apples innovations. If Commodore was still alive today, I would think that the Amiga team at Commodore would be the platform that would provide in the computing design. Now I am sitting with the feeling that since Commodore went down in 1994, its like the computing world had to re-invent itself. I wish the times before Commodore went down came back. What do you think? Any comments?

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