Check everything and anything with SnoopDOS for Amiga

Did you know that you can download SnoopDOS for both AmigaOS 68k and MorphOS from Aminet? If you are stuck with a program not running, then you can use SnoopDOS to see what libs and tools it needs to work. Amiga scene is so lucky for having such tool that make you totally master of your system. With SnoopDOS you can see every move that the OS does when you start a program, open a dir or just browse around your desktop.

Over 5567 Downloads from Aminet

This program is one of the most known Amiga programs ever made. On Aminet there has been over 5567 downloads since the last 3.8 version came out for AmigaOS 68k in 2003. In 2007, Ilkka Lehtoranta made a port of SnoopDOS for MorphOS. With this version, he made SnoopDOS even more compatible with MorphOS.

Snoopdos for Amiga

Snoopdos for Amiga

Changes in SnoopDos 3.9
· Added new DOS packets
· Added a format option to monitor free PPC stack in function calls (see
format editor in a setup window to activate this option)
· Added segtracker code to resolve resident MorphOS modules
· Fixed a bug where strings in .rodata section were overwritten. The bug was
harmless and did not exist in 68k version but the bug is fixed in this 3.9
version nevertheless.
· Fixed SnoopDos to resolve PPC call address for segtracker code (old code
found — often unexistant — 68k return address only)
· Fixed SnoopDos to find MorphOS ‘ROM’ space
· Fixed “Ignore Workbench/Shell” to ignore Ambient and Ambient threads

Download Zone
SnoopDOS 3.8 for AmigaOS: Aminet Link
SnoopDOS 3.9 for MorphOS: Aminet Link


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