BBC BRIT turns BBC to a Commercial TV channel

BBC BRITYou might think that BBC World is the only commercial tv channel outside of Great Britain? Well. You’re wrong. BBC BRIT is a totally new tv channel aiming at Norwegian tv viewers. And it’s fully commercial TV channel, even though BBC is actually advert-free channel in Great Britain.

Commercial breaks Everywhere

All of the countries in Scandinavia also got TV channels like BBC in Great Britain, with no commercials at all. Because we all need to pay a fee every half year to be able to watch TV. The prices are different in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but the purpose is the same. To have a service without commercial breaks.

BBC BRIT got launched now here and it also brings Norwegian commercials in between programs and also got quite long commercial breaks inside programs.

What does BBC BRIT broadcast

The channel broadcasts everything that BBC Entertainment did. That means Top Gear and lots of BBC produced shows and series.

The whole idea by BBC to earn on Norwegian adverts is quite upside down. This channel have massive of commercials, which people in Great Britain is actually paying for also!? I had trust in BBC, but with this commercial move, I am not so sure anymore.

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